Wagyu Beef Chuck Short Ribs (5-7lb)

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These are Beef Chuck Short Ribs, cut 130.  Akaushi (Wagyu) beef is sure to out perform any other beef in the market for tenderness and flavor.  Its intense marbling contains a much higher percentage of monounsaturated fat (responsible for beef’s flavor) that yields Prime quality grades. Its unique fatty-acid composition produces beef that is extraordinarily tender with exceptional buttery flavor. HeartBrand’s Akaushi beef is consistently more tender, juicier and more flavorful than any beef that has come before it. It is considered by many beef experts to be the most delicious beef in the world.

HeartBrand’s Akaushi beef is all-natural. The beef is free of antibiotics and growth promotants.

Akaushi beef (Japanese Red Cattle) is Wagyu, (wa and gyu meaning Japanese and cattle).

Each package includes two 4 bone racks of ribs.  Total weight between 5-7lb pounds.

May ship frozen.