Elk Creek Bar-B-Q Rub Bundle

Elk Creek Bar-B-Q Rub Bundle

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Elk Creek Bar-B-Q rub bundle is a great gift idea.  It includes the Beef Shake, Black Label A-P, and the Hog knuckle.

The Beef Shake rub is the perfect bbq seasoning for all things beef or wild game. Excellent on any steak, tri-tip, chuck roast, beef ribs, or brisket. This seasoning has won many steak awards in the backyard and SCA (Steak Cook-off Association) and top brisket awards!

With the Black Label A-P, Elk Creek has developed a rub that will take anything you put on it to the next level.  Unlike most all-purpose rubs, this blend amplifies the natural flavors that are present and adds the perfect balance of seasoning.  Try it on everything, you'll be glad you did!

Elk Creek's Hog Knuckle is the key to improving your next Bar-B-Q session! Developed over the last couple years along several Competition Bar-B-Q trail circuits, it flat out improved anything it was put on, especially Ribs and pork of all kinds.