We have decided to exit the meat business....

While our business over the last few years has grown substantially thanks to our dedicated customers, in the end it’s just not profitable enough to continue to invest in.  We are not planning on a fire sale on inventory, rather a gradual wind down.  We will continue to sell the accessories, rubs, and woods for now.  We are exploring other ideas as well and will keep everyone posted. 
I do thank you for your business and support and apologize for any inconvenience.  If you have any questions for me please feel free to reach out!
Jay Vinson
Republic of BBQ



So why go with Republic of BBQ?  Simply put: QUALITY and CONVENIENCE. We have invested the time and energy into researching great BBQ and establishing relationships with top sources in the industry so you don’t have to! We do the legwork and offer all the key elements you need for your next great backyard BBQ or competition.  You pick and choose what you need to create your own BBQ masterpiece, and we deliver them to your door.


So what DOES it take to make BBQ like the world-famous pitmasters?  Process and tools matter… and so do ingredients.  Top quality meats, rubs reflecting the many regional tastes and perfectly-seasoned smoking woods are all key elements to achieving BBQ greatness.  See what we have to offer!



We all struggle to find a variety of meat options at the local supermarket or warehouse. Needless to say, most of the top BBQ joints are NOT buying their meat from the supermarket.  They go to great lengths to find the top-quality meats that allow their hard work to be brought to life.  Quality meats produce great results and can be more forgiving.  Republic of BBQ has researched meat sources to find the best quality products, including brands used by top pitmasters. Our goal is to find sources that produced great meat that is natural, antibiotic and hormone free, and managed through humane processes so you can reap the benefits of great meat.  Our facility in Taylor (just outside Austin) Texas is USDA inspected and all meats are stored in refrigerators or freezers based on regulations for food freshness and safety.  We inspect each package from each shipment to ensure that the quality and consistency our suppliers promise reaches you.  If you want to impress at your next BBQ event or if you're looking to win your next BBQ competition we have the meats to do the job.



We source high-quality spices to create our branded rubs and have partnered with other premium brands to bring you rubs that represent the range of styles and regional taste of American BBQ.  We also partner with other top brands to bring you their competition tested rubs.  We will continue to seek out the best products and bring them to you.



Wood is one of the most important elements of a great BBQ.  We source wood that is perfectly seasoned and represent the range of regional tastes, including hard-to-find types like Texas Post Oak.



We offer essential BBQ accessories such as injectors, prep-gloves, spray bottles, digital thermometers and more!


Whether you want to blow away your friends at the next big game party or blow away the judges at your next BBQ competition, Republic of BBQ will be by your side!