BBQ Ideas

Pork Ribs Texas Beef Ribs Central Texas Brisket

Check out these inspirations for great BBQ from all over the country!  Continue to check back as this will grow and evolve with new and exciting ideas for you to try at your next BBQ!



Texas Brisket   

Mouth-watering, USDA Prime brisket, rubbed with the Republic of BBQ Brisket rub and smoked slow and low for 10-14 hours with post oak wood and finished in pink butcher paper.  Perfectly moist with a dark, smoky bark, this is the brisket you’ve dreamed about.


Carolina Ribs

Meaty St Louis style pork ribs covered in the Republic of BBQ Carolina Rib Rub.  Smoke for 5 hours with post oak or hickory wood.


Memphis Dry Ribs

Tasty pork back ribs rubbed with the Republic of BBQ Memphis Dry Rib Rub. This is a straight-forward 1hour(ish) cook with no wood.  It’s perfect for a charcoal grill!  It may be a bit “non-traditional” but the results cannot be denied.


Texas Beef Ribs

A luxury at even the most popular Texas BBQ joints.  Succulent beef short ribs rubbed with only kosher salt and black pepper rub and smoked for 6-8 hours using post oak wood.


Georgia Pulled Pork

Pulled pork, the staple of southeast BBQ.  Take a pork butt (aka. Boston butt) and coat it with the Republic of BBQ Georgia Pork Butt rub and slow cook for 8-10 hours with a mix of apple and hickory wood. This rub has a lot of texture to help create the perfect bark.


Sugarless Pork Ribs

Meaty St Louis style pork ribs covered with the savory Republic of BBQ Sugarless Pork Rib dry rub, and smoked for 4-6 hours with a mix of pecan and oak woods.